Software rollout management

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An important factor for a successful user acceptance of a software is rollout management.

By rollout management, we mean all processes and services that enable users to use the software in an easy, efficient, trouble-free and, above all, reasonable way in the long term.

We tailor the services required for a successful rollout to the specific requirements of your project.


Running field tests and pilots

Developing a concept for providing support, gathering and managing feedback

Developing a model for role-based access permissions



Maintaining communication and creating user documentation

Our approach

Rollout Management requires a very broad range of skills: technical and professional understanding of the product, skills in conceptual thinking and management, strong communication skills, media skills and the desire to be active in different cultural contexts.

We customise our rollout management model for your specific needs and constraints.

For each rollout project, we put together a team of conceito consultants that have the optimal combination of the required skills.

Our customers appreciate the range of product management topics that we can also cover, if necessary: pricing, billing (conceptualisation and simulation of pricing and billing models), 7P marketing mix and technical testing.

We integrate our team into the existing project processes to the extent necessary for the rollout management.

Added value

Rollout Management is like a classic project work. It is only needed for a limited period of time but requires a lot of experience. At conceito, we have the necessary experience from many - predominantly international and multi-lingual - projects. Our team of consultants is interdisciplinary that enables us to cover your needs in the best possible way.

You can concentrate on the core tasks involved in implementing your software project while we ensure its successful rollout.

Benefit from the many years of our experience!