About us

Who we are

Who we are is best illustrated by these capabilities and skills of our consultants. We are dedicated, capable of making decisions, experienced and committed to agile methods. And above all, we are 100% focused on our customers’ project goals.

Working methods and philosophy

Our consultants make their own decisions in projects. If necessary, they involve colleagues with special expertise because we are interdisciplinary. Our team includes software engineers, communication designers, data analysts, business computer scientists, business engineers and testing specialists.

For our consultants, the use of agile processes is part of everyday life (almost all of them are certified Scrum Masters and Product Owners). Independent action and decision-making are encouraged by our organisational structure: professional expertise leads to professional leadership, and hierarchies play no role. A cooperation and continuous transfer of knowledge cannot be enforced. In a combination with our systematic approach and well-defined processes, they are a natural result of commitment and trust of our consultants in the organisation.

We believe that these are the necessary prerequisites for our consultants to optimally serve the interests of our customers.