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Personal stories of the employees

There is a personal story behind every employee. On behalf of the conceito team, some employees describe their career and why they decided to join conceito or stay with conceito.

Portrait des Mitarbeiters, Sandro Kreher, der im Text einen Einblick in seinen Job innerhalb der conceito Gmbh vermittelt.

Sandro Kreher


While I was studying computer science, I was looking for a company where I could write my Master’s thesis. A good friend who had been working at conceito for years gave me the tip to apply there.

conceito offered me what I thought was a very interesting topic for my Master’s thesis: “Mobile AR navigation – indoor”.

I was also invited to the summer party so that I could get an idea of the team. I was amazed at how warm, open and familiar the colleagues were with each other and immediately felt welcome.

I decided to stay at conceito after completing my master’s thesis. conceito was able to offer me a position as a developer, which I gladly accepted.

I still like the great sense of community and the fact that I was given a lot of responsibility right from the start. In addition, I can always familiarise myself with new areas and thus constantly expand my knowledge.

Sebastian Dolch

Senior Consultant

Before joining conceito, I worked in consulting companies of various sizes. I started out as a software tester in a large consultancy. Through various positions, I developed into a project manager. My focus was always on understanding the customer’s needs and mapping them in the best possible way in results, processes and systems.

One of my motivations for working at conceito is the work-life balance. In my previous jobs, I was travelling every week and had little time for my wife, family, friends, etc. At conceito, I travel less and have more time for my wife and family. The company is very considerate of the private needs of its employees.

One aspect that I particularly like and appreciate about conceito is my colleagues and the teamwork. This is very important in a rather small company. We have a lot of fun at work and in the little breaks in between.

Portrait des Mitarbeiters, Sebastian Dolch, der im Text einen Einblick in seinen Job innerhalb der conceito Gmbh vermittelt.

One aspect that I particularly enjoy and appreciate about conceito is the colleagues and the teamwork. This is a very important point in a rather small company. We have a lot of fun at work and during short breaks at the table football table.

Karthiga Krishnakumar im Portrait

Karthiga Krishnakumar


After completing my dual study programme, I initially worked at conceito in the User Management department via an external service provider.

I noticed the positive working atmosphere right from the start: My colleagues and bosses support me, share their knowledge and there is no elbow mentality. I also like the fact that the bosses are open to our ideas and wishes and give us the right to have a say in many areas.

It was therefore clear to me after just a few months that I definitely wanted to switch to conceito. While I started out as a project employee, I was able to take on more and more responsibility over the years and now manage responsible projects independently.

As I live further away, I find it very convenient that I can often work from home and – apart from peaks – I can organise my working hours very flexibly so that I can optimally combine my work with my private life.

I have never regretted the move and look forward to many more years with my “second family” conceito.