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Thanks to digitalisation and cloud computing, data from various servers and databases can be provided in one central location. Many manual steps required for data preparation and provisioning can be automated. As a result, various reports can be dynamically generated, and live data can be automatically visualised.

We have expert knowledge in data analysis, automation and process management as well as a solid understanding of how data and systems operate and interact with each other.

We support you in the technical implementation and professional analysis of the data, thereby creating transparency and revealing correlations that were previously invisible.


You receive answers to questions such as:

How intensively are your products used by the target groups?

Where are your products used?

Are your products used differently in different markets? If so, why is it happening?

How satisfied are the target groups with your products?

Do you meet the needs of the target groups?

Based on the answers, we help you define and evaluate product- or app-specific KPIs.

Our approach

In phase 1:

Technical analysis of the current situation

Creation of a cross-product concept for automation of data collection

Project priorities definition

In phase 2:

Technical support for the implementation

Specification of interfaces for data migration to the cloud

Data preparation (transfer to a standardised data format that allows you to compare information from different sources)

Evaluation and optimisation of processes

Incorporating feedback received from the target groups in the further course of the project

Added value

Once the implementation of the project is completed, you will have an empirical foundation that lets you evaluate how your products are used.

This knowledge will help you make informed decisions both for the current portfolio and for your future business models.

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