Agile project management

Service product

Agile methodology is a standard in project management in many industries.

Because it may take various forms, we design the agile process based on your project requirements and train your project team members to confidently apply agile methodology in real-world environments.

This is how your internal agile expertise grows as a natural and integrated part of the project work.


Consulting and coaching teams and managers on introducing agile methodologies and practices

Providing training and education that promote agile thinking and behaviour and understanding of how agile methodologies and practices are used in real-world projects

Implementing a systematic, goal-oriented approach to project management and advising teams on how to adapt it to the specific needs of your organization

Introducing an agile mindset, including increasing the agile maturity level of the organisation (IT) by using suitable methods (Scrum, Kanban, etc.)

Scrum: Scrum Master and Product Owner activities, introducing the roles of Scrum Master and Product Owner

Strategic development of an agile toolbox based on the Atlassian Suite: implementation, configuration and administration

Supporting IT in transformation of projects into products

Contract design and negotiation on behalf of the customer with suppliers to create a framework for project implementation

Our expertise gives customers confidence that their projects are driven by their goals and interests and carried out according to the well-defined requirements while suppliers are properly managed

Our approach

Our certified consultants demonstrate expertise and express empathy when addressing the needs of all stakeholders.

We carry out projects in a systematic manner, manage suppliers and keep the customer's goals and interests in mind.

We keep our theoretical background up to date and apply new process models and methods to projects on a case-by-case basis.

We combine many years of our experience with proven best practices.

Added value

High quality results with tangible benefits

Improved transparency and communication throughout IT and relevant departments

Availability of best practices and processes successfully used in your project for reuse in other projects with similar requirements

Profound understanding of the purpose and benefits of the agile methodology in your company